Summer months offer exceptional wildlife sightings, brilliant wildflowers and long days to fill with fun activities.  Browse through our summer safaris and programs below and let us know how we can make your time here a life-long memory!  

Dawn & Dusk Wildlife Safaris


Join an experienced naturalist on an unforgettable excursion into the wilds of Jackson Hole.   During one of our half-day or full-day safaris you will explore scenic locations while observing wildlife in their natural habitats.  In addition to wildlife watching, your naturalist guide will share the fascinating stories behind each species.  We record all wildlife sightings during our safaris as part of an ongoing “citizen science” project so each trip contributes to the understanding of our region’s wildlife. 

Adults: $140, Children 12 and under: $105.  Contact us for private safari rates.

The Best of Yellowstone Safari


Yellowstone National Park is a true American treasure filled with thousands of geothermal features, spectacular waterfalls and abundant wildlife.  When exploring this amazing park, there is no substitute for having a passionate and knowledgeable naturalist guide share the wonders of this unique place.  Let us show you all the things that we love about Yellowstone and you will leave feeling inspired and permanently connected to this beautiful National Park.

Adults: $315, Children 12 and under: $275.  Contact us for private safari rates.

Photo Safaris

greatgrayawesome refined.jpg

Love photography?  Grand Teton and Yellowstone are the Disneyland equivalent to nature photographers.  Kurt Johnson is a dedicated wildlife and nature photographer who has been teaching basic and advanced photography skills for many years.  He loves sharing his tips and tricks to achieve great images of the natural world while bringing clients to the most photogenic locations of the region.  
You can view Kurt’s portfolio here.

Contact us for private safari rates on this tour.

The Best of Grand Teton Safari


This full-day Safari provides a thorough exploration of this fascinating and scenic National Park.  Guided by an experienced naturalist, you'll visit scenic locations while learning about the wildlife, geology and human history.  This safari includes park entry, high quality binoculars and lunch.  Departure time is 9:00AM


Adults: $255, Children 12 and under: $205. Contact us for private safari rates.

The Night Sky of Wyoming

Our exceptionally dark skies make Wyoming one of the best places for star-gazing and astronomy events on the planet.  Spend an evening navigating the constellations, planets and other stellar features while hearing the fascinating descriptions behind each object.  This activity is perfect for anyone interested in experiencing and learning about the night sky.  Families, private star-parties and large groups can all be accommodated.


We offer private astronomy programs in the form of several venues.  Our classic astronomy night takes place in Teton Village which lasts for 1 to 1.5 hours.  Our private 'Safari & Stars' program include a dusk wildlife safari, dinner in Grand Teton National Park followed by a dark-sky astronomy program.  The 'Fourth Course Astronomy Night' includes a dessert prepared by Hotel Terra and a dark-sky Grand Teton astronomy program.  Rates begin at $550.  Contact us for other astronomy rates and times.

Speaking Engagements


Kurt is available as a speaker for your event, conference or private dinner.   His presentation weaves  vivid imagery of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem through his personal photography with engaging stories of how this region is unlike anywhere else on earth.  This presentation is a great compliment to an excursion with Wild Things of Wyoming.

Typical duration is one hour.  Prices available upon request.