Our Guides

Wild Things of Wyoming understands that the quality of your experience depends largely on the quality of your guide. This is why all of our guides are highly qualified local naturalists who have a deep connection to the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.


Colin Boeh

Colin spent his youth exploring the woodlands of western Pennsylvania. His enduring passion for the natural world led him to work as a wildlife manager at four national parks before finally settling in the beautiful Jackson Hole area where he has been guiding for the last five years. His excitement and passion for all the inhabitants of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, from butterflies to bison, is infectious. Colin enjoys snowboarding, mountain climbing, kayaking and BBQ's with his wife and chickens. 

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John Stephenson

John grew up fishing, hiking and backpacking in the vast forests of Michigan, acquiring a passion for wild spaces at an early age.  After college, and a stint with the US Army, He embarked on a life of various business ventures around the world.  The call of the mountains eventually drew him to Wyoming, landing in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. In the years since, John has developed a love of facilitating meaningful and educational outdoor experiences. For the past 5 years, he has worked as an interpretive guide, fishing guide, and hiking guide.  When not guiding, John is typically back outside following his passion for photography, hiking, fishing, cross-country skiing, kayaking, horseback riding, and exploring wilderness areas all over the country.





Roslyn Moynihan

Rosalyn grew up spending much of her time exploring outdoors, catching frogs, and riding her horse in the Appalachian valley of Maryland. She studied Biology on the eastern shore of MD at Salisbury University and spent time camping and playing at the Assateague National Seashore. She spent two summers of her college years in Montana, where she fell in love with the Rockies. Rosalyn loves to hike, raft, ski, swing dance, and play ultimate frisbee. Roslyn has an undying quest for knowledge since arriving in Jackson Hole and is eager to share this passion with our guests.


Lucas Ayoub


Lucas living philosophy, the Renaissance is not dead. Passionate about a number of subjects and wearer of many hats, he grew up playing in his backyard the national forest. Early experiences with moose and bears, whales and puffins has lead to a lifelong pursuit of developing his understanding of the natural world around him. Sharing his knowledge as a storyteller, his creative knack for making a fun educational environment is one of the hats he enjoys to wear. When he is not guiding, you can find him backcountry skiing or navigating the high seas.