Multiday Programs

Our multiday guided tours allow guests to dive a little deeper than we can on a single day trip. More time spent in the field equates to more memories, better photos, and a deeper understanding of why our little corner of the world is so special.


epic Yellowstone

Our "Epic Yellowstone" safari allows guests to spend time in all of Yellowstone NP's distinct regions. This is a three day four night package that starts in Jackson Hole then spends two nights afield in West Yellowstone and Cooke City before returning. We have time to visit hundreds of geothermal wonders, take many short hikes, and be at the best wildlife hotspots at the right time of day. Yellowstone NP was designed to be seen on a 6 day stagecoach tour, our Mercedes Sprinters allow us to do it in half the time with twice the class.


Big Horn Rut

The Big Horn Sheep rut is possibly one of the greatest natural events to witness in North America. This tour will get you up close and personal with massive rams as they enter the most exciting time of their year. We will spend 2.5 days in the field and visit sheep in both Jackson Hole and Dubois, WY.


Predators of yellowstone

This ecosystem is home to predators that are nearly impossible to see anywhere else in North America. This safari focuses on wildlife but also includes all the other highlights of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. This is a five day tour that starts and finishes in Jackson Hole with a night spent in Cooke City, MT.