Grizzly Bear...real close!

Timing is everything in Yellowstone.  Sometimes a Grizzly walks across the road and is only visible for a minute, before disappearing into the dense Lodgepole Pine forests.  On todays Best of Yellowstone trip we had a Grizzly walk across the road and vanish moments later.  I made the call to head down the road a little bit and wait in a picnic area to see if the bear re-emerged.  Sure enough the bear came back out of the forest about five minutes later and walked right by our vehicle.  Our cameras were ready and we all captured amazing close up images of this enormous predator from the comfort and safety of our well parked safari vehicle.  You can see his amazing sense of smell at work in the photo.  I'm sure you can guess what the kids decided to name this bear who was wandering through a Yellowstone picnic area.