Cool and Wet is Sometimes Good

Rainy days are great. There are fewer people in the parks and the wildlife often hangs out right in the open. Today was no exception. We had a quick but rather unfulfilling look at the rear end of a Grizz for no more than 10 seconds, we did not see much else during our drive along Pacific Creek.  Then all of a sudden I spotted this Owl, I didn't believe it for a second since it was almost sitting on the ground, but sure enough it was. This Great Gray Owl, like most Great Grays, will go about their business even with people watching them from close by. We parked, quietly got out and snuck up on the Owl. One of the guests stepped on a branch and it made a cracking sound which caused the Owl to break focus and look in our direction. We watched for a few minutes in the rain and then left. The Great Gray Owl has one of the most penetrating stares in all of the animal kingdom.