Some Pronghorns Stay

There is a small number of Pronghorn that stay in Jackson Hole throughout the winter. They mostly stick to the Miller Butte area feeding on Bitterbrush and other dried plants. It looks as though we may have around 100 that will try to endure the harsh Teton winter. Though we have had ample snowfall in the mountains there is very little on the ground in the National Elk Refuge. Very few Elk have made their way on the refuge as the foraging is good elsewhere in the park. An exciting moment occurred today when two Coyotes decided to chase some Big Horn Sheep lambs. The lambs are still pretty small and quite capable of slipping on the rocks as they tried to escape.  The Coyotes never even came close to making a kill, but they did make some of the nearby Pronghorns run incredibly fast. The Pronghorn in this photo showcased it's amazing speed amongst the jumble of broken rocks on the ridgeline. It pulled away from the Coyotes and Sheep like they were walking. All were impressed, especially my guests from Florida!