Fields of little orange calves

Ran a special trip of both the lower and upper loops of YNP today. We were on a mission to see a wolf den along Slough Creek that was giving some wonderful views of pups playing on the front porch. Spring was in the air. Mother bison had their new babies out on display, with several large groups spread all throughout Lamar Valley. We must have stopped a half dozen times for adorable baby bison moments in Lamar alone. We made it to the den site where several other wolf watchers were gathered. One of the black adults was sitting near the den site, but there were no pups visible when we arrived. I got the scopes set up, served a round of drinks and reminded the guests that waiting around for an hour would probably yield some nice views of the pups. It took about 45 minutes for the pups to emerge from the den, but we ended up getting about 15 minutes of puppy playtime before they went back down below. We only saw three that day but they were playing an adorable pouncing and wrestling game that involved an elk antler chew toy that an adult wolf had brought to the den site. Lots of great baby sightings of many species on this day, so nice when you get to see both loops in a single day.


KFJ_9143 (2).JPG