A Closer Look

Most of our guests come on a safari expecting to get great looks at the megafauna of the GYE and that is certainly what we aim to provide every time. However, being exposed to the amazing stories of the microfauna, for many folks, can be just as exciting.  Today we stopped to examine the busy community that can be found on the stalks of a very common plant, Desert Parsley. Aphids love to feed on this plant, as they feed they will excrete nutritious drops of sugar water our of their rear ends. Ants know about this and will not only feed on the sweet sugary drops, but will heard aphids to the best parts of the plant and protect them from their predators, much like human shepherds do to their sheep. It never gets old seeing faces light up as they watch an ant slurp up a big drop of honeydew. Sometimes the best wildlife sightings are right at your feet if you only stop to take a closer look.