Four Big Bulls

On Todays Dusk Safari we spotted a Moose along the banks of the Gros Ventre River and got out of the vehicle to have a closer look.  We walked down to the banks of the river and viewed a beautiful bull Moose feeding on the other bank.  We watched this Moose for about 15 minutes and then returned to the parking area only to find that while we were gone 4 more big bull Moose had emerged from the young Cottonwood forest and were now in plain view feeding along the banks of the river. Moose are fairly solitary creatures. Sometimes we see groups of 10-20 form in Antelope Flats during early winter, but for August this seemed rather like a coincidence. Regardless of how this meeting of the Moose came to be, we turned our lenses on this fine looking group and captured some photographic and mental images.