Swans are successful

In 2014 the NPS released several Trumpeter Swans into Hayden Valley in hopes that they would like it enough to bring back mates the following year. It ended up working and for the last 2 years there have been successful swan broods. We always stop for a few moments to see the swans of Hayden if they are visible, they are beautiful creatures with a wonderful story. However, guest rarely go nuts over the cygnets. Babies of most other species will elicit some sort of high pitched, squeaky, animal cuteness noise from the back of the van, but cygnets rarely do. They have a bit of an awkward teenager look to them at all times. Today, like most days we focused on getting great images of the adults and largely left the cygnets alone. The swans in this part of the park are quite used to sharing their space with humans and will let visitors get fairly close without showing any change in their behavior. Each year there seems to be more Trumpeter Swans in YNP, I'm hoping this trend continues.

KFJ_9656 (2).JPG