Total Blackout

The day that we all have been waiting for has come and gone. Truly an unforgettable experience. I can still see that glowing ring in the sky if I think about it. WTOW led its first daytime astronomy program from the roof of the Teton Mountain Lodge. We had about 50 ppl. in attendance and some guests had seen several eclipses before.  I spent the first half of partiality making sure everyone's cameras were set how they wanted and gave some tips about what to do during totality. We were privileged to have a real NASA scientist in the crowd, she was kind enough to share her expertise about telescopes with the other guests on the roof. As totality approached we felt the air cool down and an eerie twilight came over the entirety of Jackson Hole. The air began to refract light and make it sparkle like it does on the bottom of a swimming pool. Then it happened, a loud roar from the crowd punctuated totality as all in attendance stared upward, their gaze transfixed on the glowing ring in the sky. Before long, a burst of light came from the edge of the sun. At this moment, you could hear a clatter of continuous camera shutter noise coming from the roof. Most guests spent the second half of the eclipse popping bottles and reminiscing about the recent event. After the eclipse had passed I headed home with surprisingly light traffic.

KFJ_9569 (2).JPG